KANG CHYAU blown film machines will support your high production output demands

KANG CHYAU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is dedicated to the whole plant design and manufacture of plastic blown film machines, helping Taiwanese plastic manufacture industry to create a solid competitive edge. 

A disposable plastic bag manufacture plant based in Changhua, Taiwan, primarily focused on the local market, after evaluating the significant demands of the Taiwanese market for plastic bags, company development, manpower, cost and other considerations, entrusted KANG CHYAU to assist with the design and manufacture of their plant.

Based on the client’s two clear needs of high production output and minimization of manpower usage, KANG CHYAU recommended to the client to purchase the KMTL series of machines that can produce 80kg of plastic materials per hour. After considering the production lines, we then introduced the low density two-layer plastic blown film machine in the KMTL series, along with load warning and power-saving devices, which meets client’s three needs of high output, minimization of manpower usage and energy-saving. 

This collaboration is now over 15 years, and with the stable growth of the client’s business, they continue to purchase new machines. During this time, we have also provided maintenance services, and up to this point time, all machines are operating smoothly with stable manufacture quality.