KANG CHYAU: Blown Film Machinery with Quality and Reliability with Long-run and Outstanding Operation Performance.


When we talk about plastic bag technology, there is one Taiwanese company with doubtless experience in the industry, KANG CHYAU INDUSTRY has more than 3 decades of experience on the field, fulfilling customer’s needs with a highly experienced research and develop team, that takes every single request seriously, in order to develop machines that meets customer satisfaction.

When it comes to trends and diversification, KANG CHYAU is in the vanguard, having innovative development of blown film technology and composite plastic materials, consist in multi-purpose machines such as:

  1. High and Low-density high-speed plastic blown film machines
  2. PE Film blown film machine
  3. Two-color high-speed plastic blown film machines
  4. Two-layer high-speed plastic blown film machines.
  5. Twin head blown film machines
  6. Three layer blown film machine
  7. P.P. High speed blown film machines
  8. Biodegradable compound Blown Film Machines

When talking about diversification we can also add that Kang Chyau has one of the wider available range of products that are available to work with different raw materials, this is proof of the adaptability their engineer's team has. The suitable materials Kang Chyau blown film machines can work with are: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, biodegradable materials (PLA, PBAT, PVA.....)

Nowadays the industry is having a lot of changes and regulations especially when it comes to plastic used, about this matter Kang Chyau has been working in the development of machines able to process and work with biodegradable compounds on the machines. Recently they started to work hand by hand with AVATACK CO., LTD. A Taiwanese supplier for different final products and raw materials.

Since many countries started to limit and increase regulation about plastic use, these two experienced companies have been hard-working to develop the most suitable machines to process materials with over 90% of biodegradation. AVATACK has successfully developed biodegradable compounds, specifically designed to replace the traditional single-use consumer plastic products, reaching the goal of reducing the pollution that traditional plastics make.

Compared with general plastics, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30%. More than 90% of biodegradation can be achieved by microbial activities when buried under specific conditions. Kang Chyau has successfully adapted its machines for the use of these materials, achieving highest quality and environmental consciousness.

In recent times more and more countries have been placing regulations about plastic. This hasn’t been a problem for Kang Chyau, since they adapt to customer needs, this includes the regulation each country might have. All over these 30 years since their foundation, Kang Chyau has placed over 8,000 machines over 62 countries, which makes them earn recognition and strong brand reputation within the industry.

When it comes to reputation, quality of products and service is one of the main things that international clients will think about it, to assure the quality of their machines, Kang Chyau uses 100% of European and Taiwanese parts. For example their primary machine axes are SKF manufactured from Sweden, and their electromagnetic switches utilize TELEMECANIQUE France made.

For Kang Chyau each detail is important, during these COVID-19 days, they have figured out how to provide pre-sales and after-sales service to potential and current customers. If a customer needs support for their machines, Kang Chyau’s specialist team helps worldwide customers using different methods, in order to keep high levels of customer satisfaction, starting from basic e-mail communication, to phone calls and even if need arrange Video Call.

Some applications Kang Chyau Plastic Inflation Machines have are as below:

1) Shopping Bags
4) Food Packaging
2) Farm Film
5) Cloth Packaging Bags
3) Car Film
6) Courier Bags

When it comes time to make a decision on which company to buy machinery from, there are several factors to take into consideration, but what makes Kang Chyau different from its competitors?

  • Customized service that meets clients’ demands: Depending on the type of plastic or raw materials the customer wants to use, Kang Chyau Provides the best solution to meet manufacturing needs from test samples, trial production, manufacture and testing.

  • Innovative technologies leading the industry: Having the knowledge of different material characteristics of many composite plastics, provides Kang Chyau be at the vanguard and latest trends in the industry.

  • Quality is the absolute essential guarantee: With Kang Chyau machines, customers can assure they will get high performance and long-run life equipment, making them able to earn profit for a long time with outstanding machines.

  • Comprehensive after-sales services: Since Kang Chyau machines are quality guaranteed thanks to their high quality components, this ensures long-term life and outstanding performance. If there are any questions or problems with the machines, the high skilled and professional team will provide recommendations for the fastest and best replacement options, and if it is needed, will send their expert staff to provide their services.

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Source : PRM E-news Issue 177