Congratulations to our client who have successfully established a foothold in the Central and South American market.

Purchase of KANG CHYAU’s blown film machines are based on types and size of bags, the raw materials and other consideration, but we also provide customized services. 

We are very happy that our machines are the key to helping out clients expand their overseas markets. This T-shirt bag manufacture plant based in Taoyuan, Taiwan, has abundant experience in the industry. Three years after striking out on their own, the client used KANG CHYAU’s high density high speed plastic blown film machines to product high quality T-shirt bags and successfully broke into Central and South American market, particularly the Mexican market. 

KANG CHYAU’s high density high speed plastic blown film machine is high output, minimizes manpower usage, energy-saving and has a solid brand reputation in the market, all of which are reasons why clients quickly choose us to become their partner. We have recently also received good news from them, for which we offer a heartfelt congratulation. This also gives us more confidence in doing the right things and making better machines.